Thank you for your interest in becoming a PowerWindow Ambassador! 

In 2017 we kickstarted our PowerWindow Ambassador project, through which we selected a pilot group of 20 individuals to be part of the future and acquire their own electricity and data generating windows. 

This means that we have successfully installed PowerWindows and SmartWindows at 20 locations around The Netherlands, actively providing us with data and feedback and helping us to change the perspective. 

Unfortunately, this also means that, for now, we have decided to solely focus on the analysis of this data, performance and usage before enabling more Ambassadors to acquire the latest sustainable innovation. 

But do not despair! In a couple of months, we will release our next product cycle for which we will invite the next group of Ambassadors.

If you are interested in being part of this next generation of Ambassadors and therefore want to contribute to a future where our windows make it possible to make a severe impact on our energy consumption, make sure to add your name to the waiting list below. We will keep you updated when the next group of Ambassadors will be able to join our mission for a smart and sustainable future. 

Please also keep an eye on our website and social media to stay updated on the latest news regarding PHYSEE, our sustainable innovations and our Ambassadors Project.

We hope to welcome you soon as the next generation of Ambassadors! 

In addition to filling out this form, please make sure you send the following pictures of your windows to

  1. Picture of the entire window
  2. Picture of the window frame corner(semi close-up)
  3. Picture showing the location of the window in your building.