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Some people like to be at the forefront of sustainable innovation, some people like to be part of the future, today. Some people only believe in sustainable innovation if that comes without compromise. 

At PHYSEE we know that without this exact kind of people, we wouldn't have a right of existence. Therefore we have decided to enable a limited group of individuals to become a PowerWindow Ambassador. You don't have to wait any longer, order your windows here and shape your future, starting today.   

By investing in PowerWindow or SmartWindow, you invest in one of the world’s most promising tech start-ups. We are well aware that our windows will not make your entire home energy neutral, as the current output is 8 – 10 Wp per square meter. By investing in our products and actively providing us with your feedback, you contribute to a future where our windows make it possible to make a severe impact on our energy consumption. 

We aim to reply on your inquiry within a working day. However, due to the large amount of requests that might take a bit longer. Nevertheless, we'll be in touch very soon. 

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In addition to filling out this form, please make sure you send the following pictures of your windows to

  1. Picture of the entire window
  2. Picture of the window frame corner(semi close-up)
  3. Picture showing the location of the window in your building.