At PHYSEE we value our product and our mission, but we are extremely aware that without the right people we would be building the wrong future.

With a team of young, hungry and very talented people we are enriching the world with sustainable innovations. I’m thrilled to work in such a fun and ambitious environment.
— Maarten de Haas, Head of Business Development

Since we focus on building a better future we are determined to expand our team, following the principles of our company culture. which is described as 'a place where free-spirits can flourish' by one of our valued physeeonairs.

Do you want to make a difference too? See below how you can join our team!

Head of Office - Full Time

Startup offices are naturally magnets for chaos. Projects are changing all the time; visitors, investors, and customers are coming and going; events are being planned and canceled so many times it could make your head spin. That’s why hiring a competent office manager is a top priority for us. Office managers keep the office running smoothly so that all teams can stay focused on driving the company forward. If the head of office does his/her job right, everyone has what they need to be productive, whether that’s a dedicated workspace, free-flowing coffee, well organized agendas, a structure HR system, freedom from distractions of visitors/phone calls or a great message to the outside world on what we’re doing.

As we are entering the next phase of our company fully preparing ourselves for world domination, the coming period will be dedicated to professionalize and perfectionize everything we do. This is one of the main incentives to post this vacancy, and will therefore be part of your responsibility.  

Photovoltaic Engineer - Full Time

With solar as one of our core technologies, we are looking for exceptional Photovoltiac Engineer. Do you get as excited about PV as we are? Do you see yourself as precise and hands-on at the same time? As a PV Engineer you will be working closely with both the Research & Design department as wel as Product Development to develop our next-generation PV-modules. 

Have you just finished your Master's or are you about to complete it? Are you looking for that one opportunity to grow in a company and help move the world into a faster energy transition? Please follow the link below to see the full vacancy.

Product Engineer - Full Time

Due to our insatiable urge to improve our products, we are looking for the industrial designer who recognizes this desire and enjoys engineering solutions for the challenges we face at the product development department. Are you a divergent thinker who masters the skill of rapid prototyping and modelling in CAD (Solid-works/edge, Inventor)? Do you recognize yourself as dexterous and innovative? And do you have knowledge on photovoltaics or are you eager to invest time in researching it?

If you’re capable of working independently and in teams, own projects and collaborate/communicate with the industry in a professional manner? Reach out to us by clicking the link below to read the full vacancy and apply!

Sales Engineer - Internship

Due to a rapidly increasing amount of requests from potential customers, we are looking for someone who can strengthen our team in terms of tendering, sales and marketing. We need someone who’s technically able to take ownership of our sales process, for example who knows how to read construction drawings and who can assist in making solar cell performance calculations. This helps us to change the perspective of our clients, and ultimately this helps us to expand our company internationally. 

Are you nearing the end of your study, eager to learn more about products, do you get energy from talking to clients and do you have a combination of strong analytical skills together with strong operational skills (to optimize the supply chain process for different tenders and projects)? Then please click on the button below and reach out to us! 

Software Engineer - Internship

Due to the rapidly growing interest into our Smart solutions, we are looking for someone who can strengthen our team in terms of developing, designing and testing. We need someone who’s technically able to create products and services that are easy to use for our customers and provide valuable information to us as a company. 

Do you have a problem solving mindset? Are you eager to gain technical understanding of our product, creative, interest in sustainable innovations? Do you have clean coding skills with DRY mindset, well maintained presentation skills and verbal communication skills? Then reach out to us by clicking the link below to read the full vacancy and apply!

Other than the above, we do not have further open (well-defined) vacancies. However, we are always looking for graduate students or interns that want to have impact with their research or project. So if you want to join Physee on such temporary base, click the 'apply for a job' button for more info!