At PHYSEE we value our product and our mission, but we are extremely aware that without the right people we would be building the wrong future.

Since we focus on building a better future we are determined to expand our team, following the principles of our company culture. which is described as 'a place where free-spirits can flourish' by one of our valued physeeonairs.

To see at which positions we currently are hiring, check below and if interested let us know by filling in a form.

Do you want to make a difference too? See below how you can join our team!

Lead Programmer


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Your  ultimate challenge is to have our glass communicate with building climate control systems, end-users and our data servers. You will have pre-defined challenges in developing our iOs/Andro`id app and converting SmartWindow output in useful data and control actions. After being integrated in our culture, vision and technology you will play an important role in our technology roadmap.

As our lead Programmer you know how to code (Python, C, Java, HTML), you are eager to contribute to sustainable innovation, you are motivated to help interns contribute to PHYSEE goals while learning quickly. If it's a yes to all three than fill in the application form and separately send us an e-mail ( with a short motivation, an example of your skills and your resume and tell us the answer to this riddle!

' Why did the programmer quit his last job?' 


Story Teller

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PHYSEE is developing it's vision and morals rapidly. It becomes more and more important to communicate these accordingly. It will be your goal to make the PHYSEE story a PHYSEE legacy. You will be the voice of our brand on social media, on the website and at press releases. But it's not only an operational task. This role has mainly a strategic purpose and implementation: How do we communicate our why?

As our Story Teller you know how to formulate a message and how to reach customers. Besides your motivation to structurally build up a community you posses the power to quickly jump in to any situation creatively. If you are applying we don't need a motivation letter (we expect that would be an easy one for you). We want you to add to your application your vision on how to form PHYSEE's marketing strategy (! Showing clear examples of previous experience is a big plus :)


Sales Developer

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You will be our fuel. You will be mapping the competitive landscape, analysing the real-estate market, contacting new partners and building a relationship with end-users. All your feedback is fueled in to product development and R&D and the gaines from your successes will help the company grow and therefore improve our steps along the energy transition.

We expect you to have experience in the real-estate industry, have knowledge on making deals the new fashioned way (on trust and relationship) and to be intrinsically motivated in contributing on the energy transition. Does this all apply to you? After filling in the application form, send us a description of the 'perfect deal' to


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Office Manager

You are a private, practical and systematic responsible person on which team members can rely that the job gets done.  You will be seen in our team as our guardian and maintaining traditions will be one of your focus points. You highly value organisation and order, and want clear work roles and procedures. Unfortunately we have none of afore-mentioned, therefore an interesting challenge awaits you!

At Physee you will get the opportunity to develop organisational procedures - on HR, billing, communication and many others - according to your own vision. That means we expect you take personal initiative and to deliver high quality of work. We look forward welcoming you and we are open to discuss both part-time and full-time positions. Fill in the form by applying and send an e-mail with your CV and motivation to


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