PHYSEE employees


At PHYSEE we value our product and our mission, but we are extremely aware that without the right people we would be building the wrong future.

With a team of young, hungry and very talented people we are enriching the world with sustainable innovations. I’m thrilled to work in such a fun and ambitious environment.
— Maarten de Haas, Head of Business Development

Since we focus on building a better future we are determined to expand our team, following the principles of our company culture. which is described as 'a place where free-spirits can flourish' by one of our valued physeeonairs.

Deelnemers Postcode Loterij: bedankt. Er gaat dit jaar 357 miljoen euro naar goede doelen. Dankzij u.

HR Advisor - Full Time

PHYSEE is growing fast, this means we will double the number of our people in the next 2 years. A perfect timing to hire a professional with experience in recruitment, talent management and human resources. You will be responsible to build the HR-department. This means you will take the lead in recruiting new talents, draft and review HR policies and procedures, and make sure the onboarding of new team members goes smoothly.

Financial Controller - Full time

As we are a rapidly growing organization, building the fundamental foundation of our company is essential. After raising our Pre-Series A, we are now looking for someone to build our finance department with expertise, knowhow, and diligence. Someone who is a real team-player.

Marketeer - Full time

Due to a rapidly increasing number of requests from potential customers and an increasing desire to professionalize the communication of our vision and mission to the outside world, we need someone who can take complete accountability of our marketing process. A true marketeer with a creative mindset, strong design skills and an excellent storyteller

Optical Modelling - Internship

Due to the large scale of design parameters in play for the optimization of PowerWindow+, we are looking for someone who can strengthen our team in the area of optical modelling. Your goal will be to design, develop, test, and document a numerical simulation model focused on the optics.

Sales Developer - Full time

Due to a rapidly increasing amount of requests from potential customers, we are looking for someone who can strengthen our team in terms of tendering, sales and marketing. We need someone who’s technically able to take ownership of our sales process, for example who knows how to read construction drawings and who can assist in making solar cell performance calculations. This helps us to change the perspective of our clients, and ultimately this helps us to expand our company internationally. 

Other than the above, we do not have further open (well-defined) vacancies. However, we are always looking for graduate students or interns that want to have impact with their research or project. So if you want to join PHYSEE on such temporary base, click the 'apply for a job' button for more info!