Introducing powerwindow

Our first sustainable innovation without compromise is our PowerWindow.

PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity.

In Europe governmental regulations have dictated that every commercial and governmental building construction or renovation has to be energy neutral by 2020. Given the fact average lead-time of such projects is 3-4 years, this is something commercial real estate developers are confronted with today.

Conventional solar panels are limited to the roof or have to be installed off-site. Alternatives are either too intrusive or too costly. PHYSEE’s PowerWindow is the first scalable and cost-efficient solution using the world’s glass to help make these buildings energy neutral. 

"Imagine yourself at work looking outside the window, knowing the glass you’re looking through is charging your mobile phone."

Introducing PowerWindows in households will actually connect you with harvesting energy from sunlight. One can charge it's phone on the kitchen window knowing that the electricity was 100% generated in that window. 

cutout glass with iphone.jpg