BPD Binck Kade

BPD Binck Kade

  VORM Bold Tower

VORM Bold Tower

  EDGE Olympic

EDGE Olympic

  Rabobank Fellenord

Rabobank Fellenord

  Goede Doelen Loterij   Headquarters

Goede Doelen Loterij Headquarters



binck kade apartments

Say hello to your self-thinking and power generating facade

SmartWindows contribute in an innovative and sustainable way to a higher comfort level and lower energy label for the inhabitants of the Binck Kade apartments
— Louis van Loon, sr. Project Manager at BPD

In the Binck Kade apartments, 470 windows will be accessorized with automated sun blind devices, operating with the electricity and data harnessed from the sun. This will optimize air and light conditions inside the room, as well as increase power-savings, leading to a reduced energy performance coefficient (EPC) of 0.1. 

This building is situated by water and in a car-free neighbourhood, combining efforts towards healthy and sustainable living. The new Binck Kade complex, built on the former industrial estate Bickhorst, will be one of the first in its area to install our SmartWindows. The tenants of these smart and luxurious apartments will benefit from the increased comfort of automated sun blinds. 

edge olympic

Built Future Ready: Let the Building do the Thinking

We value our partnership with PHYSEE because we believe in this technology. It’s an important part of our strategy
— Coen van Oostrom, CEO EDGE Technologies

Our SmartWindow has been installed into a building that has been creatively developed in order to achieve new dimensions of technology, sustainability and user comfort.

We are thrilled that EDGE realises the value of our products, mission and collaboration whilst moving forward with our partnership. 

EDGE Olympic raises new standards by retrofitting an existing office building into a sustainable ecosystem, eliminating the use of new raw materials and reducing waste. The building has therefore received various recognitions for its creative development and functionality, including an energy label A, the BREEAM rating ‘excellent’ and a WELL silver certification. 

Bold Tower

The Art of Scaling Up

PHYSEE and VORM established an innovative collaboration, resulting in the installation of PowerWindows in the Bold residential tower.”
— Daan van der Vorm, CEO of VORM

The BOLD apartment inhabitants will be amongst the first in the world to enjoy the luxury of completely transparent electricity generating windows in their homes. 1,800 square meters of PHYSEE PowerWindows will be installed on the complete south-west and south-east facade of the newly built tower. 

This project proves the readiness to increase the production of fully transparent, electricity generating windows, to the scale of mass production. Partly due to PowerWindows, the BOLD tower will be energy positive, making it a first-class example of sustainable living.

By investing in PowerWindows, VORM creates a sustainable and healthy living environment for the inhabitants of the BOLD tower, who will also be proud occupants of a building which has an EPC rating of -0.12.  

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and located in one of the fastest developing hotspots in Amsterdam, BOLD apartments and PowerWindows are a perfect match.

goede doelen loterij headquarters

Creating a Sustainable Work Environment

PHYSEE technologies enable our employees with a high tech, sustainable and healthy work place, in line with our company vision.”
— Esther Wubben, Project Leader at Goede Doelen Loterij

PHYSEE’s PowerWindows have been installed in the south facade of the newly sustainably-renovated Dutch Postcode Lottery headquarters in Amsterdam-Zuid, with the BREEAM Certification level ‘outstanding’.

Physee is proud to be amongst the innovative solutions contributing towards an almost energy neutral building, one of the most sustainable buildings in the Netherlands. GDL is setting new standards of sustainability through innovative use of natural resources such as sunlight and rainwater, harnessing electricity and supplying water for multifunctional purposes. 

The Goede Doelen Loterij will be rewarded the highest level of BREEAM certification, with the rating ‘outstanding’. This level of certification is given to buildings with sustainability rates of 85% or higher, classified through the weightings of environmental sections such as energy, innovation and health. 

GoedeDoelenLoterij - highest quality recieved size.jpeg

Rabobank fellenoord

Introducing the Pilot 

The PowerWindow Pilot is a prime example of how Rabobank stimulates sustainability. Once succesful, this pilot shows an important contribution of PowerWindows in making commercial real estate energy efficient
— Pieter Ketting, Program Manager Rabobank

Since the start of our company we have established an extensive and committed network of partners who comprise of the entire value chain needed to successfully implement our products in the Dutch real estate market. Together with our partners we’ve validated our value proposition and business model.

With one of these partners, OVG Real Estate, we have successfully validated the technology during our first pilot project at the Rabobank office in Eindhoven, where we installed 10 PowerWindows. OVG Real Estate is the largest Dutch commercial real estate developer that aims to deliver the most innovative and sustainable buildings of the world, most recently exhibited in their building ‘The Edge’ (new headquarters of Deloitte), with the highest BREEAM certificate ‘Outstanding’ of the world (98,36%).

 South-side installed PowerWindows

South-side installed PowerWindows

 West-side installed PowerWindows

West-side installed PowerWindows


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