Changing the Perspective

Introducing the PowerWindow

Our first sustainable innovation without compromise is our PowerWindow. A PowerWindow is a fully transparent and colorless electricity-generating window. According to the desire of the customer the electrical efficiency, transparency and isolation values can be produced to fit a specific project. PowerWindows will enable users to be in close contact with the conversion of light into electricity while at home, at work or traveling. 


From physics to physee

Acknowledging our true passion

Both the philosophical nature and analytical approach of physics contribute to our devotion towards it. The world around us is for a large part designed by humans, defining how we live, work and dream. Often we forget that new insights and technologies can alter the way we see and use our surroundings. At PHYSEE we see from a physicist angle, we are always changing the perspective. 


Partnership Pilot

It’s quite the challenge to disrupt the glass-, energy- and real estate industry at the same time. Together with OVG Real Estate we will validate the technology during our first pilot project. OVG Real Estate is the largest Dutch commercial real estate developer that aims to deliver the most innovative and sustainable buildings of the world.