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Where our ideas are born, created and transformed

Home Office

So close, yet so far apart

We’re working hard to flatten the curve in The Netherlands and globally, so for now we are working from home. We won't deny it is difficult, however, our creative ideas are continuing through daily updates, virtual sports, project updates, cooking classes and learning sessions. The show must go on!


Capital city

The place every PHYSEEonair passes in and out, or stays for the day. Here we have open desk space, lunch, external meetings, events, and demo products that are not only being displayed, they're installed.

TU Delft Research Lab

From equations to impact

this is where the R&D team works on our coatings by running labs, writing reports, and testing new theory. It all starts with chemistry.

To Coatings


Where our products come to life

Our R&D and production team use the PHactory to assemble PowerWindows, connect hardware and software, and work on engineering every detail of our products. Since day 1, we have believed in doing it ourselves.