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A passion for people


Martin Venhuizen


Sam Anders

COO and part of the founding team

Edmee Verhulp - van Dijk


Fréderique Pars

Head of HR

Ferdinand Grapperhaus

CEO and co-founder

Barth de Klerk

Interim Head of Commercial

Willem Kesteloo

CTO and co-founder


Wouter Groen

Finance administrator

Joep Wolfhagen

Head of Partnerships and Legal

Lisette van der Knaap

Project Manager Workplace & Facilities

Noortje Jonkman

Executive Assistant to CEO

Emily Paulus

Financial Controller


Nietin Somaroe

Account Manager

Carlyn Simoen

Project Engineer

Maarten Ingen Housz

Solution Architect

Rahul Grover

Smart Facade Engineer

Osman Akin

Growth Hacker

Maike Schwarz

Marketing Manager

Jilles Langeveld

Projects Intern

Stijn van den Berg

Junior Project Manager

Joris de Iongh

Head of Marketing & Lead generation

Anagha Yoganand

Project Engineer

René van den Bulk

Project Engineer

Solco Reijnders

Head of Execution & Support


Manon Duijn

Product Engineer

Joe Kao

R&D Engineer

Ana Jung

Head of Coatings Domain

Koen Haest

Head of Product Design

Lawrence Liu

Electrical System Engineer

Luis Romero

Power Electronics Engineer

Camilla Massacesi

Head of Power Domain

Pim Rutgers

Technology Architect

Julius Monchen

R&D Intern

Sadiq van Overbeek

Lead Research Engineer & Product Owner PAR+

Neerav Dubal

Embedded Software Engineer

Byron Vizhco Sigua

R&D engineering intern

Juan Alonso Pla

Comfort Engineer Intern

Arjen Jellema

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Shane Yao

Head of Sense Domain

Heidi Mao

Full-stack Developer

Tarang Gupta

Building Physics Engineer

Giulio Simone

R&D Engineer

Evert Merkx

R&D Engineer PARPLUS


Wai-Man Tang

Quality Assurance Manager

Joseph Hesketh

Production Engineer

Willem-Jan Otten

Operations Manager