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We're giving glass a new purpose, starting with buildings and greenhouses

POWER+ for Real Estate

Energy generating glass. Let it sink in.

POWER+ is our power generating glass coating. It directs sunlight onto integrated solar cells in PowerWindows. Without impacting the transparency of its glass, windows will produce the same energy as 1/5 of a solar panel placed on a building's roof. This will transform the real estate industry.

PAR+ for Greenhouses

Boosting crop growth

PAR+ is our greenhouse coating solution. It transforms UV light into visible (PAR) light, essential for crop growth. Food demand is at a universal high, while land space is at an all time low. That's why we want to take advantage of the space we're already using. We can add up to 4% PAR light for new and existing greenhouses. 1% more PAR = 1% more revenue for greenhouse operators.

See our greenhouse solutions

“Following our vision of healthier planet and energy neutral buildings, we are using our light conversion coatings to activate glass by adding functionality to it. There are endless ways we can utilise the huge untapped potential of glass, and we are becoming a world leader in this domain.”

— Ana Jung, Head of Coatings