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Innovating in data, energy, coatings and design

Smart and Sense

Data: The foundation of our impact

You can't provide a solution when you don't know the problem. We start with accurate, local and useful data and turn it into the best insights possible. That's what brings impact and that's what our R&D team works on mastering. Everyday we're finding new ways to improve predictive models and add new data points that perfect the performance of SmartSkin.

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Energy: Back to nature

Our core mission is to turn buildings energy neutral. To do that we must produce clean energy, and use it at the source. Our Power Domain focus on re-inventing how and where solar is applied within cities. Amongst other things, our solar experts work on increasing the energy efficiency and usage optimisation of solar energy.

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Glass: Activate your surfaces

It's a 5000-year old building material, that has no added functionality. We're giving glass new purposes. Our R&D team works on two coating solutions, one for energy generation in real estate and one for light conversion in greenhouses. What connects the two? Activating glass for sustainable impact.

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Product Design

Sustainability: without compromise

Most of us know how to reduce our carbon footprint. But few of us know it can be done without compromising design and comfort. Our Product Design team combines functionality and usability to give you the best experience.

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Let's innovate together

Together we can change the perspective for a sustainable tomorrow

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