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Power domain

Challenging the status quo of energy storage and distribution in today's cities


Finding new ways to harness the sun

We're trying to disrupt the way we generate and use electricity, starting with where it is generated. Urbanisation is increasing, with a higher energy demand and the standard window frame is an untapped opportunity in every city. That's why we've engineered a multipurpose PowerBar. A bar that has customised, hidden solar cells on every window.


No more energy loss

One of the biggest losses of energy-distribution is the conversion of electricity. From the conventional power-grid only 30% of the energy generated reaches the power-sockets you use on a daily basis. The rest is lost as heat and magnetism. Our 24V DC-grid eliminates just that. By offering PowerBoxes with USB-C ports inside your building no AC/DC power-conversion is needed anywhere.


Re-shaping energy distribution

The PowerHub is the gateway that handles all power flowing from the SmartWindows and optional BIPV's. It allows for a sustainable distribution of energy and makes sure that all of our systems safely operate to their fullest extent. Energy is stored in battery-packs so that even when there is a shortage of solar power coming from the SmartWindows you will still be able to use sustainably generated energy in your building. This also enables SmartSkin to optimally buffer the energy demands during different occupational situations of your building.

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Want to know more?

Download our datasheets for a more detailed look at our technologies.

We envision to bring our core technologies to entire smart cities by transforming buildings into power plants while reducing their power consumption.

— Camilla Massacesi, Head of Power Domain