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Smart domain

Defining our Sense technologies by rethinking the way we collect, store, communicate and use data


Right from the source

The SenseModule generates data on incoming solar energy, light intensity, temperature and cavity-pressure. This allows for the smart and sustainable control of integrated sun-blinds with localised data, right from the facade. For the first time, we can generate highly accurate insights on comfort, energy consumption and servicing.

The power of data


Connecting the dots

The SenseNode compliments data from within the window by collecting more from inside each room, to fully control the building environment. From sensing the air quality, temperature and audio levels to occupancy and behavioural patterns, the SenseNode data collection allows us to generate insights on energy, comfort and building management.


Giving data a purpose

The brain of SmartSkin. Here is where all gathered data is processed and turned into tangible insights ready to use. Not only are our data points being used, but it is also combined with weather predictions, room booking, calendar information and user feedback. Data has never been so complete.

Want to know more?

Download our datasheets for a more detailed look at our technologies.

“In Smart Domain, we believe that by using the power of data, we can reshape the future of energy neutral buildings without compromising onuser experience.”

— Shane Yao, Jr. Head of Smart Domain