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Successful implementation of Solar-Win demo system

September 1, 2021


Dissemination activities

Press Release: Demo-system implementation and commissioning. ACCIONA.

The demo-system for the validation of the Solar-Win photovoltaic window technology has been successfully implemented and commissioned by ACCIONA at its testing facilities in Algete, Madrid.

The new PV solution for the building sector, designed and manufactured by PHYSEE in collaboration with other project’s partners, consists of a transparent window with a double functionality, as a feasible building component and a sustainable power generator.

Acciona’s facilities offer the possibility for assessing both functionalities of the product, thanks to the capability of the testing buildings for holding any kind of facade component and the help of the monitoring system set-up for the occasion.

The demo-system implemented in the framework ofSolar-Win project has a total of 8 prototypes, distributed between two testing buildings and installed in the four facades of each of them.

Diversity of orientations will allow to test the prototypes working under different real operating conditions, concerning the variation of solar radiation and moving shadows throughout the day. Aligned to this purpose, automatic rolling blinds have also been installed in the interior joined to the windows, in order to assess the increase of the PV power generation due to the light reflexion effect on the white blind’s surface.

All these measures have been implemented with the purpose of extending the scope of the trials beyond than initially planned, and demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of the building-integrated-photovoltaic solution developed in  Solar-Win project, previously to its introduction in the market  as a commercial item.

The window Solar-Win prototypes will be tested at Algete's demo-site for four months, from its commissioning to the end of the project.