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Facade experts meet at PHYSEE

December 12, 2019

Together with partner AGC, we hosted the recent Booosting event at our HQ in Delft, combining thought-leaders of today’s facade industry.

Booosting provides a platform on which innovations and improvements in construction can thrive. Since 1988, this platform has allowed like-minded parties to come together and drastically speed up the adoption process of these innovations throughout the entire real estate industry.

Facade experts from companies including AGC, DGMR, Octatube and Bouwtechnoloog joined us to discuss how smart innovation can increase the sustainable impact of facades on our buildings and cities during this energy transition.

AGC, a world-leading glass manufacturer, demonstrated how new window coating technologies can be a core part of this, and PHYSEE production gave a tour of our Flat Pack Factory, where our SmartSkin technologies are engineered.


Re-occurring topics of this day link back to the need for collaboration of real estate stakeholders as a catalyst for change. Starting with such events, it’s valuable to combine ideas, opportunities, and challenges faced by individual players of the real estate puzzle. Secondly, a common consensus was the impact of smart facades on comfort as well as efficient energy use.

Looking onwards, we are more than pleased with the new alliances initiated throughout this day, and we’re excited to continue the knowledge sharing with the Booosting team and with new partners!