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First PowerWindow+ prototype for SolarWin

September 2, 2020

Our R&D has been developing the first PowerWindow+ windows as part of the SolarWin project, together with partners; IREC, ACCIONA and Sunplugged. The pilot project for this installation is planned for March 2021, in Barcelona, Spain, however, today marks a big milestone in this development: the first prototype (see below), which will be validated in an upcoming testing facility before the installation. The creation of this prototype was a collaboration between Sunplugged, NSG, AL13 and Reynaers this week in our LivingLab testing space in Delft.

“We are taking our first steps towards the 2021 goal, and feel excited about what this means for the future of sustainable buildings. Great innovation does not bring success without a motivated team who is devoted to transfer the idea into a successful product!”  – Ana Jung, Head of Coatings at PHYSEE