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Hayat Chedid joins supervisory board

August 18, 2020

Our mission towards global impact is becoming more tangible, this time with the newest addition to our supervisory board. We are proud to welcome Hayat Chedid, who has joined Job Elders in taking on the role of being part of PHYSEE from a supervisory perspective.

Hayat possesses an impressive skillset in the field of creative leadership, organisational design, culture and scale-up processes. Among other things, she is the founder and director of SL Consultancy, where she transforms unsuccessful trajectories, and has held global leadership positions in well-established chemical companies. Her international background has diversified her education, experience, and especially her outlook on creative solutions for companies in growth phases like ours.

“I am pleased to welcome Hayat as I have got to know her as a very skilled and thoughtful board member with a focus on efficiency of executive teams and organisations”  – Job Elders, Supervisory Board

Besides her expertise in the field, she has worked closely with our PHYSEEonairs as a consultant and coach, representing ScaleUp Nation, for the past two years. She has coached our leadership and project teams in various areas in order to maintain and grow our talent as well as think critically about strategic challenges. Hayat has inspired our PHYSEEonairs to work with integrity, empathy and efficiency, and is described to have a sharp vision for the projects she works on.

The combination of her expertise and the successful work she has done at our office makes us excited and proud about the direction of board-member leadership that we are growing.

“Creating and materialising the new needs courage, resilience and serendipity. Courage to move beyond our fears. Resilience to do so in an insightful, positive and transformative manner.  Serendipity to find new opportunity as a result. When I met PHYSEE’s leaders and thereafter the PHYSEEonairs, it was clear that the pre-requisite to the above is present. This team growth mindset, determination, reflection and learning capability is second to none. I am delighted to join Job in the supervisory board. Onwards!!!” – Hayat Chedid, Supervisory Board.  

It’s an exciting year for Hayat to join, but that’s all we will say for now…