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LivingLab Café had launched

September 3, 2020

We have launched our LivingLab Café with a successful trial this week!

Every first Tuesday of the month, we will welcome guests to join our open discussion on a relevant topic within our industry. During this recurring event, we will introduce one of our innovations, whereafter we will expand the conversation together with external stakeholders and thought leaders. ​

In an informal setting, we aim to provide a platform for inspiring knowledge-exchange and networking, laying the basis for future collaborations. ​

​We welcome anyone to sign up who is interested to learn, share, brainstorm, and challenge each other on the energy transition within real estate.

The trial week

LivingLab Cafe PHYSEE

This week, we focused on our R&D updates and gave demonstrations of what we are working on. Together with Reynaers, TU Delft, and Octatube, we demonstrated the SolarWin prototype that was finished the same day. Our full-stack developer, Heidi Mao, remotely controlled the interior roller blinds in our LivingLab to demonstrate the opportunities of smartly connecting different façade–technologies. We ended the session with drinks and snacks.

Alongside live demos, discussion topics included:

  • How to optimize building and facade designs for harvesting outdoor conditions?
  • How to approach different market segments?
  • How to set up new partnerships with suppliers of facade components for increased impact?

This was an exciting start of our LivingLab Café series, which will take place throughout Fall, demonstrating the value and importance of sharing knowledge and fuelling discussions.

Upcoming dates and topics:

Every first Tuesday of the month we will open the doors to the LivingLab Café. We hope to see you at one of the next editions!

  • Thursday October 8th 16:30 – The effects of dynamic facades on building performance
  • Tuesday November 3rd 16:30 – Effective collaboration for innovation in the building construction supply chain
  • Tuesday December 1st 16:30 – Horticulture Edition: More efficient and sustainable food production

Please contact us for more information or if you want to co-organize an event!

*This event was organized following the latest Covid-19 guidelines of the Dutch government.