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Livinglab gets smart sunblinds

December 19, 2019

Our LivingLab is being brought more to life with every new installation and collaboration. Each window in our HQ LivingLab has a different coating / solar and sensor placement / 3rd party connection. A recent installation was with Renson, testing out the optimal internal sun shading and air ventilation integration with SmartWindows.


This time, fellow proptech innovators from Delft, Kindow, joined our LivingLab testing facility by connecting their smart, sun shading system to our SmartWindow and grid connection. This is a valuable step in understanding how their sun shading algorithms can combine with our sensory system and communicate to building functions as a reaction to indoor behavior. We believe that combining our technologies will allow for a more efficient use of sun blinds, reducing energy consumption and also improving the natural use of daylight inside the room.

Looking forward to 2020, we are excited about our collab-installation of SmartSkin with roller blinds at the Dura Vermeer Innovation Centre. This project will raise the standard of how office spaces can use natural light to their advantage for productivity while improving the impact of the entire building.