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New Innovative Tool for Process Monitoring

October 13, 2020

IREC, in cooperation with SUNPLUGED, has developed an innovative tool for in-line process monitoring compatible with high throughput roll-to-roll production of the flexible CIGS-based PV modules.

This tool has been based in non-destructive Raman spectroscopy technique combined with an autonomous control software for fast acquisition and data processing and new optical configurations for the optimisation of signal acquisition based in 3D printing manufacturing specifically develop by IREC in the frame of the H2020Solar-Win FTI Project (870004).

The laboratory test of the prototype tool in the in SUNPLUGGED flexible CIGS based PV technologies has allowed the identification of quality control parameters which correlate the acquired data with the final optoelectronic properties.  

The application of the methodology open the possibility to evaluate the performance of the PV modules in intermediate production stages. This provide a reduction of the manufacturing costs, reduction of material waste, improve energy efficiency production, and information relative to the correct operation of the production plant.