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Solar-Win project in the international fair VISION

October 7, 2021

Dr Victor Izquierdo-Roca, coordinator of theSolar-Win project, was invited to give an oral presentation at VISION 2021 (https://www.messe-stuttgart.de/vision, October 5-7th 2021,Stuttgart, Germany), the world’s leading trade fair for industrial process monitoring based on machine vision. In his talk, Dr Izquierdo-Roca presented to a wide industrial audience the main objectives and outcomes of the Solar-Win project with a focus on the innovative technology, methodologies and integrated tool developed within Solar-Win for roll-to-roll in-line process monitoring of CIGS flexible photovoltaic foil manufacturing. The main innovations related to this technology based on fast, precise and non-destructive combinatorial optical spectroscopy were presented and discussed, as well as their transcendence and potential for Industry 4.0 applications in the fields of photovoltaics but also in other semiconductor-based industries.