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SENSE by PHYSEE selected as a Smart Technology partner for The Kauwgomballenfabriek

November 29, 2022

Innovative collaborations for more smart and sustainable projects

The KBF is already an inspiring place where enterprising minds and like-minded people stick around. The transformation of this former chewing gum factory marks another step in its evolution from an old business park to a mixed work and residential area. It will be an area with living, working, a neighbourhood park and social facilities.

With the upcoming renovation, SENSE by PHYSEE has been selected as a Smart Technology partner. PHYSEE would like to thank Timeless Investments, Tristan Capital Partners and NEOO for their trust and opportunity to develop more smart and sustainable projects together. This cooperation between PHYSEE, Timeless Investments, Tristan Capital Partners and NEOO is an excellent showcase of what can be achieved in the field of sustainability and wellbeing when it comes to buildings.

"For the Kauwgomballenfabriek, we go to the extreme in terms of sustainability, comfort and health. Smart plays an important role in this. We choose PHYSEE because they tailor the automation of the building to use and external influences. This is how smart becomes really smart and sustainable."− Selina Polman, Timeless Investments

Enhancing Kauwgomballenfabriek into a nature-centric working environment

KBF in Amsterdam will become a healthy, comfortable and sustainable working environment to give even more way to creative innovation.

With this smart building platform, KBF will make use of natural sources for heating and lighting. SENSE will control sun blinds, HVAC and lighting to balance the indoor climate based on measured incoming light and heat.  

It also monitors occupancy, indoor- and outdoor climate in a digital twin allowing for an in-depth understanding of the building’s performance, generating insights allowing for improved operations and ESG-reporting. With machine learning, SENSE can further optimise operations over time and lower energy consumption accordingly.

"We are excited that KBF is using SENSE to realize their Paris Proof ambitions. Our building physics simulations showed that SENSE reduces the total energy consumption before use with 31% to just 46,3 kWh/m2 per year."  

--- Nietin Somaroe

About Kauwgomballenfabriek

KBF is located at an interesting location in Amsterdam that is in full development. The area is in the Oost district of the municipality of Amsterdam and is part of the Overamstel planning area. The area is conveniently located within the ring and is centrally located between the three metropolitan centres of Amsterdam: the centre, the Zuidas and the Southeast central area.