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Solar-Win 24M meeting

November 4, 2021

The 2-year (and last) review meeting of the Solar-Win project took place on November 4th(2021). Due to the travelling restrictions as a consequence of the COVID-19situation, the meeting took place through an online meeting platform. All the consortium demonstrated their implication in the project and thanks to the collective effort of the different partners and the contingency measures taken collectively, after two years of complications imposed by the pandemic situation, most of the activities of the project have been successfully implemented. This included two fundamental pillars of the project for ensuring the commercial viability of the Solar-Win technology: i) the commissioning of the Solar-Win demo site for monitoring the performance of the Solar-Win PV window technology under real operating conditions and demonstrating the technology at TRL8 (monitoring still ongoing) and ii) the installation of the in-line process monitoring tool at SUN PLUGGED’s industrial roll-to-roll PV pilot line to detect and identify in a fast way non-compliant samples allowing to increase production yield and capacity. In addition to the interesting results presented in the meeting, the last actions to be performed in last months of the project were carefully defined to ensure a successful closure of the Solar-Win project.