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Successful implementation of the process monitoring tool for SUNPLUGGED

November 1, 2021

The installation at SUNPLUGGED’s roll-to-roll industrial pilot line of the innovative in-line process monitoring tool developed in SOLAR-WIN by IREC was successfully performed.  The tool will allow to optimize and increase production yield and efficiency of the SUNPLUGGED’s CIGS photovoltaic flexible foil that is integrated within the frame of the Solar-Win windows for clean power generation through precise, fast and non-destructive in-line optical inspection based on Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopies. This will ensure the cost-efficiency of the Solar-Win fully transparent photovoltaic window technology. IREC and the subcontracted company LENZ travelled to theTirol region of Austria (where SUNPLUGGED’s facilities are located) and carried out the installation of the system with the help and support of SUNPLUGGED’s staff.Once correctly installed and calibrated, the tool was successfully validated in real operating conditions monitoring the quality of SUNPLUGGED’s CIGS photovoltaic flexible foil in roll-to-roll configuration allowing to obtain a precise mapping of the quality of the foil at an intermediate production step.This successful validation is key for the Solar-Win PV window technology since it will contribute in optimizing and fine tuning the production in terms of efficiency, yield and cost of the PV elements of the windows paving the way for the commercialization of the Solar-Win products.