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The Solar-Win project presented at the Sustainable Places 2020 conference

October 27, 2020

On October 27th 2020, Víctor Izquierdo-Roca (IREC), the Solar-Win project coordinator, shared the concept, development and last results of the Solar-Win project with the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) community, a strategic niche for the successful Solar-Win PV window penetration in the market, as a keynote speaker at the Sustainable Places 2020 conference (https://www.sustainableplaces.eu/). The presentation took place inside the “Next generation non-intrusive transparent BIPV solution” session of the BIPV workshop of the conference. The audience included experts from the BIPV industry as well as from the PV research community and their feedback indicated a high interest in the innovation proposed in the project and the results obtained in only one year with functional PV window prototypes already being tested and monitored in real operation conditions. This encourages and motivates the Solar-Win consortium to keep on going with the good work to ensure the success of the project.