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We are the most innovative SME of The Netherlands!

August 26, 2019

Each year the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) selects the top 100 innovative SME’s of The Netherlands, awarding one with a gold necklace. We are humbled to be chosen as the winner of this impressive selection of companies as well as excited to be given another opportunity to share our mission and create larger impact.

The criteria for being selected involved sustainable impact on society, growth potential, originality and more. Other solutions were revolutionizing existing products, supply chains and ways we interact with each other. We are extremely proud to be amongst these other innovations, including runners-up Active Cues and HydroLogic Systems!

It’s inspiring to see that our uninterrupted momentum of #changingtheperspective is not slowing down as we hit our 5-year milestone.

Here is a big thank you to everyone who is continuously helping our mission, this is only the beginning.