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8-10% more yield,
for 8 years

The first horticulture spray coating that brings diffusivity without losing grow light, by converting unused UV into PAR light.

Discover PAR+

Why PAR+?

More PAR light, more yield

PAR+ is a sprayable coating that creates the most favourable light conditions possible inside a greenhouse year-round. Converting unused ultraviolet (UV) to beneficial photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) and making entering sunlight diffuse. This results in a proven crop yield increase of 8 – 10%, with an additional potential of 8 – 10% increase due to extra blue light coming from luminescence. With PAR+, you can generate up to €200k profit per hectare greenhouse.

More diffusivity, less heating

The diffusivity of PAR+ offers better heat distribution inside the greenhouse which reduces waste produce, increases energy-efficiency conversion rate of crops, and decreases temperature differences. The resulting climate also allows roof-windows to remain closed longer, contributing to less need for extra CO2 and a lower heating cost by at least 8%.

Less waste, less energy

PAR+ adds value in all seasons, replacing the need for applying and replacing seasonal coatings, saving the costs and the hassle thereof. This results in at least 10 times less waste material over the lifetime of PAR+ coating. The positive impact of PAR+ also allows for adjusting the lighting strategy and decreasing the amount of photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) from supplemental lighting such as LEDs, reducing the associated electricity and installation costs.

Easy application

PAR+ was purposefully designed to be compatible with the industry. It can be sprayed on top of existing and new glass greenhouses, using traditional spraying methods like a spray gun, machine, helicopter, plane, or drone. After application, the greenhouse can still be washed and brushed normally with water and soap as commonly done, without affecting the 8-year lifetime of the coating.

What is PAR+?

PAR+ makes glass greenhouses more profitable, efficient, and sustainable. PAR+ is a luminescent spray coating for existing and new glass greenhouses. The coating converts unused UV light into beneficial PAR light, while making the incoming sunlight diffuse without PAR losses. Its light enhancing properties add value in all seasons, increasing crop yield with at least 8% annually.  

That’s why we made it as durable as possible, with a lifetime of at least 8 years. PAR+ coatings also result in better heat distribution and lower heating and lighting costs. By reducing the need for seasonal coatings, it further reduces waste in the environment and saves the material and application costs.

PAR+ Technology

Bosch Growers - Bleiswijk

Bosch Growers is a modern family business since 1854 that grows green bell peppers and blackberries. 560m2 of the PAR+ coating has been applied in 2022 at the start of a new crop cycle. The area of bell peppers grown under PAR+ will be tested and compared to a similar sized reference area.

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"With PAR+ we can boost crop yield of all glass greenhouses with at least 8%"

— Willem Kesteloo, Co-founder PHYSEE & CEO PAR+