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PAR+ makes glass greenhouses more profitable, efficient, and sustainable. PAR+ is a luminescent spray coating for existing and new glass greenhouses. The coating converts unused UV light into beneficial PAR light, while making the incoming sunlight diffuse without PAR losses. Its light enhancing properties add value in all seasons, increasing crop yield with at least 8% annually.

How PAR+ works

Light conversion

Our photo-luminescent coating converts UV-A and UV-B (280 - 400 nm) light into additional PAR (400 - 700 nm) with a relative boost in the blue spectrum between 400 - 550 nm, resulting in 8% more functional light for crop growth. 1% more PAR contributes in ~1% more crop growth, with an additional potential of 8 – 10% increase due to extra blue light coming from photoluminescence.


The diffusive properties of PAR+ result from an engineered mixture of light scattering agents distributed inside the coating. In the horticulture industry, the property is also characterised by "hortiscatter", which further emphasises the distribution of light diffusion. Using the method published in NEN 2675+C1 by Wageningen University and Research, PAR+ coatings maintains an optimal 35% hortiscatter to offer diffusivity without losing incoming sunlight.


PAR+ can be sprayed on top of greenhouse like any other seasonal coating and is compatible with all spray methods and types of glass. Through a fine control of its formulation and rheology, controlled application ensures a uniformly sprayed coating on greenhouses, and allows coating to be durable with a lifetime of at least 8-year common outdoor weathering conditions.

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