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Dura Vermeer Inspiration Center

The Smartest building for the Smartest builder








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In the heart of the Netherlands, the new office of Dura Vermeer will be equipped with our SmartSkin, consisting of SmartWindows and sunblind systems from Kindow and Luxaflex. SmartSkin will be ensuring a proactive climate control for employees, facilitating healthy and comfortable working environments for the Innovation Center to do exactly what it’s built to do: Innovate. This building represents our value of “sustainability without compromise”. It is inspired by circular construction and environmental goals, seen not only through our installed SmartWindows, but also through other sustainable design and construction measures. Together, many partners enabled it to receive the BREEAM “excellent” certification, a recognition of all efforts to raise the expectation of today’s buildings.

"Thanks to the guts and ambitious mindset (and patience) of all our partners and client, this building with SmartSkin Technology has become reality!" - Solco Reijnders, Head of Projects at PHYSEE

We’re proud of the collaboration between old and new partners on this project, who were ready to create and implement innovative technology. Together with AGC Glass, Kindow and Luxaflex, we delivered SmartWindows with external sun blinds, operating on a smart system that predicts internal climate demands, thanks to local insights. Furthermore, together with Dura Vermeer, Blitta, and MONK, we are showing the importance of partnerships at this scale: large and medium-sized businesses in the real estate industry. We successfully matched expertise and completed another milestone of environmental construction.

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