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Here comes the sun

We use smart data and clean energy to optimise the accuracy of indoor shading

Harness the power of nature

SmartSkin reconnects the outside with the inside by measuring supply and demand of natural daylight. This enables hyper local, demand driven and efficient indoor climate control.

SmartSkin technology

A.I. controlled sunblinds

Improve your tenant’s comfort, productivity and well-being

When users are present, individual needs on thermal comfort, daylight entry and glare are priority parameters for SmartSkin. A manual override function ensures that users always remain in control.

SmartSkin Benefits

Save energy from lighting and HVAC systems

When users are not present, local heating, cooling and artificial lighting demands are lowered by controlling sunlight entry through every individual window. By connecting to step-less actuators like dynamic sun shading and facade ventilation, SmartSkin is turning your building’s facade into the main platform for climate control.

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