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Dynamic facade solutions. Designed for user well-being

Give your users the building they deserve

Our mission is to develop smart and sustainable facade solutions that transform buildings into healthy and energy-positive ecosystems.

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A building that saves costs and makes people happy

The sensor and solar technology in SmartSkin increases comfort while reducing the energy consumption of a building by up to 30%, without any compromise on design.

SmartSkin technology

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Actionable insights

Use data to optimize energy efficiency and well-being

The real potential of your building is harnessed through its data. SmartSkin accumulates information and transforms it into actionable insights to improve energy efficiency, user experience and building management operations.

SmartSkin benefits


SmartSkin brought to life

Office buildings, living spaces, pilot projects, experimental concepts. Take a look at the different forms in which SmartSkin has tested the limits of what we consider real estate innovation.

Analyse your building for sustainable impact

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