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From reactive to predictive

Learn how tangible insights can improve your energy balance, increase comfort and lower carbon emissions

Energy savings

Insights from every SmartWindow. Why settle for less?

SmartSkin reduces your building's dependency on artificial heating, cooling and ventilation, lowering your energy bill by up to 30%. All possible thanks to actionable insights from heat, light and radiation data.

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Balanced climate

Never feel uncomfortable again

Designed to balance your indoor climate, SmartSkin combines user preferences and high resolution localised data to create predictive settings for a perfect indoor experience. Optimise temperature, humidity, air quality and noise. Comfort has never been so accurate.

User Experience

A place where people come to stay, not to leave

Big buildings can be overwhelming. SmartSkin gives users control and connectivity through data. From healthy meeting-room check to smart parking and workspace-finder, occupancy insights turn an office space into their playground.

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Learning Algorithms

Learn from mistakes, don't repeat them

Your SmartSkin is already smarter than it was five seconds ago. Every time new insights are gathered or user preferences change, so do the actionable recommendations. It's always up to date.

Building management

Create an accurate cleaning and servicing plan

Understand which rooms require more attention after a busy day, or which facade systems need servicing before it gets expensive. Building insights keep your building polished, not only from the outside.

Building analytics

Your dashboard lives the story, it doesn't just tell it

Data is an empty idea without actionable insights. SmartSkin Building Analytics makes sure your story has a purpose, one that is cost-efficient, sustainable and comfortable.

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