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Receiving a grant by the EU Horizon 2020, INFINITE is a subsidy project aiming to identify the best technology to combine our SmartWindows with, in order to increase its energy yield and achieve industry standardisation. This project is a collaboration of 19 consortium partners. Our R&D team is working directly on the SmartWindows for retrofit with EURAC, Leitat and Rubners. The goal of achieving this is by 2023.


The EU’s building stock is relatively old. Half of all homes in most EU countries were built pre-1970 and before the first thermal regulations. This is why upgrading the energy efficiency of the building envelope is important. With this EU-funded INFINITE project, we aim to pave the way toward providing a solution suitable for retrofit buildings.

Project details

Across three locations (Italy, Slovenia and France), 29mm SmartWindows will be installed with different appliances. That includes (1) the SmartWindow with blinds, (2) the SmartWindow with e-chromic glass, and (3) the SmartWindow with plasma chromic glass. The first window will be delivered on November 1st, 2022, and the total surface area of installed windows will amount to 267 m2.

Subsidy details

From November 01, 2020, to March 3rd, 2023, the INFINITE project will receive a 340.000 euros contribution for production and installation. The coordination is done by EUREC. Project number: 958397

Project partners

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Research updates

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