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your building
to nature

The first nature-smart building management platform

Explore SENSE technology

The power of SENSE

Connect to nature

SENSE creates a physical and virtual connection of your building with the outside world. By equipping your building with SmartSkin your windows will have less sun-reflective coatings and have sensors inside your windows that monitor solar irradiance to understand the impact of sun on your building on a hyperlocal level.

Better understand your building

SENSE Connect is a data platform that enables the connection of all IoT sensors and actuators in your building to a digital twin of your building to get a comprehensive overview of everything that goes on your building. From climate and user information to insights in improvements and malfunctions.

Balance the indoor climate

Harness the power of the sun by balancing indoor temperature and light intensity by prioritising natural warmth and light over artificial sources. By measuring actual solar irradiance and monitoring indoor climate SENSE can very accurately control sun blinds to create the perfect indoor climate and reduce energy consumption with up to 30%.

Happy healthy people

With more sunlight available to people, a balanced indoor climate and the possibility to switch between sustainable and comfortable control strategies based on human presence we create the perfect atmosphere for people to thrive in. Have your best office day ever, every day.

See how SENSE works

Nature-smart technology

SENSE is the only smart building technology that opens your building interior to the outside world. Combining a dynamic facade with a powerful building physics engine, we let you connect your building to nature. Leverage the outdoor climate to balance the indoor climate and operate healthy and comfortable buildings while saving energy and money.

optimised comfort

higher sales value

reduced productivity loss

up to 30% energy savings

SENSE explained

Understand how a combination of building hardware and dynamic software can make your building more sustainable, healthy and smart.

Explore SENSE technology

Building certifications

SENSE is a technological solution recognized by local and global building certifications​ for increasing comfort, sustainability, and intelligence of a building.

  • BREEAM Innovation credit +1 point Health & 6-7 energy credits

  • WELL: Thermal Comfort: 7 points, Light: 8 points

  • BENG: Energy Savings via heating + cooling
    BENG 1: lower demand of kWh/m2/yr 

  • We are Smart Building Certification partner.

  • GRESB: Contribute to: Certification & Data, Health Well being & Safety, Energy & emissions.

  • WiredScore: SmartScore Contributions: User functionalities: 4 categories Technological foundation: 2 categories

SENSE is trusted by


"The power of SENSE lies in connecting our building physics engine to your building’s digital twin"

— Pim Rutgers, CTO SENSE

"Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders — in that order.

— Simon Sinek

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